You pay for it, why not use it?


This year is quickly coming to a close…NOW is the time to review any remaining benefits available on your dental insurance plan for 2016. Most insurance plans have an annual maximum benefit available. If you do not use this maximum amount, the remaining balance is lost at the end of the year.

Going into the new year with unused dental benefits is essentially like wasting the money you tirelessly worked for all year long. If you’re like the majority of insured people, your insurance plan runs on a calendar year. Once the calendar turns it’s page to January 1, you’re money doesn’t roll over- it disappears! Insurance companies aren’t going to call you to make sure you’re using up your remaining coverage. They’re actually counting on millions of Americans to overlook this so your money will end up back in their bank accounts.

Don’t Waste Your Preventive Care Services

Most dental benefit plans cover all, or a large portion of, preventive services. This includes twice-yearly teeth cleanings, exam, and x-rays. Did you remember to schedule your 6-month cleaning at your last appointment? If not, contact Porto Fino Dental in Fort Myers today to schedule a cleaning before  the end of the year. This not only helps keep your mouth clean and healthy, you won’t be wasting your benefits that you’ve been paying for all year.

Start A Treatment in 2016 and Complete A Treatment in 2017

If you need dental work completed that requires multiple visits, such as a dental implant or a dental bridge and crown, you can maximize your dental benefits across the two calendar years. If you are close to meeting your maximum, or have met your deductible, you can have part of the treatment completed in November or December. You can complete the treatment in January or February, which will help you to reach your deductible more quickly.

Call Us Today

If you have been putting off any dental work, contact Porto Fino Dental in Fort Myers today. We can help you understand your dental benefits and explain how you can get the most of of your insurance coverage. Start 2017 with a healthy and beautiful smile!

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