Missing teeth?

If you’re missing teeth, implant dentistry may be the best option to get a new smile. Dental implants can improve your smile in a variety of ways, and some of them may even be surprising. Here’s what you need to know.

-Understanding the Basics of Implant Dentistry

Implant dentistry has existed since the 1980s, but it’s really gained popularity in the last decade. Essentially, when you get a dental implant, we put a small metal post in your jaw bone. The jaw bone ossifies around the post, and then we place a crown on the post. The result is a prosthetic tooth that looks and feels just like a natural tooth.

-Replacing One or More Teeth

The most noticeable way that implant dentistry helps to preserve your smile is by replacing missing teeth. You can replace one or multiple missing teeth with implant dentistry. If you just need to replace a single tooth, the process is exactly as described above. Typically, if you are missing several teeth, we will place implants in different locations in order to distribute the pressure of the bite. The hybrid denture is when they place a bridge between the implants. There are also full dentures that can work with implant dentistry. With this option, the implants work as anchors for your dentures, and you just snap the dentures into place. This creates a more secure, natural feeling fit.

-Preventing Future Decay

On an aesthetic level, implant dentistry helps to improve your smile, but implants also help your smile in other, indirect ways. When you are missing teeth, other teeth often began to move into those areas. Your mouth has a natural tendency to fill those gaps. As that happens, your teeth come out of alignment. This can lead to issues with chewing, headaches, and even TMJ syndrome. On top of that, when your teeth rub against each other due to misalignment, that can trap food debris and lead to cavities. By choosing implant dentistry, you help to minimize some of the risk of future decay.

-Preserving the Integrity of Your Jaw Bone

Implant dentistry can also help to preserve the integrity of your jaw bone. When you are missing teeth, your jaw bone starts to deteriorate. You can see this effect in many people who have lost all their teeth. Their jaw line loses its strength, and the mouth almost seems to collapse in on itself. Basically, this happens because when there aren’t any teeth with roots to stimulate the jaw bone leading to the atrophy and resorption of the jaw bone. Dental implants mimic the role of the root of the teeth. They convince the jaw bone that it is still integral to the body’s function. This prevents the jaw bone from deteriorating and safeguards your smile.

Dental implants are changing the way people live. With them, people are rediscovering the comfort and confidence to eat, speak, laugh and enjoy life. For more information about dental implants or to schedule a consultation appointment, call our office in Fort Myers, FL at

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