Dexter doesn’t know how to floss!

by Kelly Oliynyk R.D.H.


There were 2.8 million people who watched Showtime’s Dexter last week. Dexter is smart, good looking and you can’t deny he also has a great sense of humor. He is everyone’s favorite serial killer. Frankly, I have a bit of a crush on Dexter Morgan. I really love the series and watch it still every chance I get.  However, every time I see the intro I “CRINGE” not because the blood on the eggs, or not even the Death and dismemberment I am about to watch, but because HE is flossing totally wrong. I think to myself every time I see it, ““He is teaching thousands of people HOW TO FLOSS TOTALLY WRONG”.

So for anyone who would want to keep their teeth for a lifetime and live healthier; here is how to floss the correct way:

1.Floss one tooth at a time, don’t try to do a balancing act across your mouth.

2.Take about 18” of waxed floss (make it easy on yourself;please use waxed)

3.Twist floss around your middle fingers, NOT YOUR FIRST FINGERS OR THUMB!. Leave about 2 and half inches of floss between your middle fingers, use your first finger and thumbs to direct the floss between your teeth- see / saw it between the contact. Push against one side of your tooth wrap in a “C” shape. Slide the floss up/down 2 to 3 times,then slide floss up past the contact and do next tooth along opposing side. Then slide the floss out and twist around middle finger to use a clean spot. Continue around the mouth.

Should take about 30 seconds unless you have a bridge.


Or: Just have your hygienist Demo it at your next 6 month visit


Thanks for letting me get THAT OFF MY CHEAST, now I feel better



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